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⇒ Why do I have to establish a PPTP connection with the VPN-UPLINK BOX?

In principle it is possible to use the VPN-UPLINK BOX as a router for the remote network, but all locations' networks should be in a different network subnet..

However the main reason reason is to limit access to the virtual private network. Therefor it is possible to provide a separate network to a selected group of users without changing the network infrastructure.

By the use of an additional MPPE 128 Bit encryption the connection from the pc to the VPN-UPLINK BOX is secure, too.

⇒Do we need a static IP-address?

No! You neigher need a static IP-address nor a dedicated line. You can use VPN-UPLINK with any thinkable internet connection available today. The only requirement is a router to establish a internet connection.

⇒Do we need a dynamic DNS (dyndns.org)?

No! VPN-UPLINK do not need any third party DNS-services.

⇒ The VPN-UPLIN Administration tool marks locations as "online" but the network does not work properly.

Please check wether all online defined ports have been properly forwarded to the VPN-UPLINK BOX's IP address. This is the only change you have to make at all locations's networks. Read the online ⇒ manual for further information about the installation.

⇒ If a user tries to login via PPTP the connection of an other user seems to get malfunctioning.

Please check weather both users use the same username to log in. VPN-UPLINK BOX prevents you to parallely use one username. If you have reached the maximum license count, please contact our sales team in order to get more licenses.